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If Manny Ramirez Played for the Yankees

Manny Being Manny

As crazy as this may sound, 41 year old Manny Ramirez could be making a return to Major League Baseball. He had been playing baseball for a Taiwanese team called the EDA Rhinos, but they recently announced his removal from their roster. This gives Ramirez two options. Either retire, or wait to be called by an MLB or Japanese team. Manny's choice is to continue playing baseball, and his stats from the Rhinos prove that he's still very much capable. Although he only played 49 games, he hit 8 homeruns and hit for .352. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Manny Ramirez could actually be somewhat beneficial for several MLB teams. I'm not saying any of this would or should actually happen, but just for kicks, lets discuss what would happen if the Yankees signed Manny.


Fighting for first place in the AL East, the Yankees have had too many injuries to count. Teixiera, Youkilis, Jeter, and A-Rod, just to name a few. Even though there's a DH in the American League, if the Yankees signed Manny, he would strictly be used off the bench in clutch situations, and it would only be for a short period of time until players like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter return. Picture it's the bottom of the 9th and the Yankees are down by two runs with a runner on first and second. There're two outs, and the number 9 spot in the order is up to bat. This means that either David Adams (hitting .205), Jason Nix (hitting .252), or Chris Stewart (hitting .256) are most likely due up. A double could tie the game, and a homerun could win it. You can either let one of these three players come to the plate and risk losing the game, or you can put some pressure on the defense and put Manny Ramirez into the game to pinch hit. Half of the opposing team is laughing, just at the sight of seeing Manny in a Yankees uniform, and he shows them up by coming through in a clutch situation. Manny gets a double in the gap, scoring both the runner on first and second, which ties the game. With a runner at second base, Brett Gardner gets a single through the whole, and whoever would be pinch running for Manny comes home to score the winning run. Boom! Game over! Manny's back! 

This entire scenario is so ridiculous and unlikely to happen, but I just thought it would be kind of funny to see what would happen if Manny Ramirez played for the Yankees. Couldn't you just imagine the reaction he would get when the Yankees play at Fenway Park? I don't know about you, but I think if the Yankees added Manny to their bench, it would instantly make number one on ESPN's NOT top 10. Honestly, I don't even know whether Yankee fans would boo him or cheer for him, but what the hell, it can't hurt to find out.