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Every American League Team's Biggest Trade Chip

Felix Hernandez

AL East

Boston Red Sox

SS Xander Bogaerts:

Xander Bogaerts is a great 5 tool player and the Red Sox would love to see him thrive on their team. Also, he's their number one prospect, and was already playing AA by the time he was 19. The only issue here is that there's literally nowhere to put him. Jose Iglesias has emerged as the teams starting third baseman, with another great player in Will Middlebrooks as his backup. Then at thirdbase, there's Stephen Drew, and at second base, the irreplaceable Dustin Pedroia. If the Red Sox really want to get the best out Bogaerts, their best option would be to trade him to a team like the Brewers, for a pitcher like Yovani Gallardo.

Baltimore Orioles 

RHP Tommy Hunter:

Many teams will be looking for quality relievers, and since there seems to be a small amount of them on the market this year, Orioles would be able to get an above average prospect for Tommy Hunter, or even a utility man that can be productive off the bench. Through 40.1 innings this year, he has just a 2.23 ERA, so Hunter would be a great addition to almost anyone's bullpen

New York Yankees

C Gary Sanchez:

If the Yankees didn't have so many injured players, I'd say keep Garry Sanchez. However, he's the Yankees number 1 prospect and great catchers are hard to find these days. Yankees would be able to get at least 2 major league players that could help them throughout the playoffs. Additionally, these players would have to be signed for several years and still be young enough to be arbitration eligible. With the oldest team in baseball, it's about time the Yankees get younger. A younger team would also decrease the chance of so many injuries

Toronto Blue Jays

RHP Josh Johnson:

The Blue Jays are currently tied for last place with the Rays, but right now they're playing the best baseball they've played all year. They have a 10 game winning streak, so as of now, they're almost unstoppable. The one spot where they could really use a solid upgrade is third base. Maicer Izturis, who I've always viewed as a utility player has started almost every game for the Jays at third, and he's only hitting .228, with 12 RBIs. If they could get a guy like Aramis Ramirez or Chase Headley, I don't even think the Blue Jays would think twice about trading away Josh Johnson, who would be a great addition in the middle of someone's rotation. The Blue Jays have loads of pitching waiting to be called up from the minor leagues, so trading Josh Johnson wouldn't necessarily have a negative effect on their starting rotation. In fact, the Blue Jays top three prospects are all pitchers.

Tampa Bay Rays

LHP Matt Moore:

As of right now, the Rays are in last place, however, they're just 6 games behind the Red Sox. They could be buyers at the trade, in which case Matt Moore will not be for sale, but if they fall out of contention and become buyers, they would easily be able to get several top prospects, along with a young major league player. At just 24 years old, Moore is 9-3 this year with a 4.13 ERA, so he'd be a great addition to the top of anyone's rotation. Additionally, he's not a free agent until 2018, so even though the Rays would be losing a spectacular pitcher, they would be getting even more in return. Good pitchers that are on the market are very hard to find this year, so whatever package they end up getting in return would be a better deal then any other season.

AL Central

Detroit Tigers

OF Nick Castellanos:

I'm almost certain that almost every team will be calling the Tigers about top prospect Nick Castellanos this season. With a full outfield at the major league level, the Tigers could take advantage of this opportunity and trade Castellanos for both a top of the rotation starter, along with a closer, which they're in desperate need of. Castellanos is tearing it up this year in AAA with a .297 batting average, 10 homeruns, and OPS of .854.

Cleveland Indians

SS Asdrubal Cabrera:

Asdrubal Cabrera has become one of the premier shortstops in the game and isn't a free agent until 2015. This means if the Indians were to trade him, they'd be able to get a big return. For example, I could see him being traded to the Dodger for their number 1 prospect Zach Lee, who's very much ready to make his big league debut. Also, this would allow for the Indians' top prospect Francisco Lindor to make his way up to the majors. Many say that Lindor is the best defensive player in the minor leagues, so he would be a great addition the Indians major league roster, who have committed 43 errors this year, making them one of the worst fielding teams in the American League

Kansas City Royals 

RHP James Shields:

James Shields was part of the blockbuster deal last season which sent him and Wade Davis to the Royals, in exchange for top prospect Wil Myers, along with 3 others. The Royals were off to a great start this year, but have slowly seen their record drop to 34-38, where they sit in third place three games behind the Tigers, who are likely to run away with the division. With this in mind, The Royals could get another prospect like Will Myers in exchange for James Shields, whose contract doesn't expire until the end of 2014. While the Royals would be without their ace, they would yet again have another top of the line prospect, making their average farm system even better.

Minnesota Twins

OF Josh Willingham:

Although this is just an opinion, there is zero chance that the Twins even come close to making the playoffs this year. Their left fielder, Josh Willingham, has proved that he can consistently hit around 30 homeruns a year, and is due to become a free agent at the end of next year. It's going to be at least a few years until the Twins can have a decent team, so they now's their opportunity to trade one of their best players and get a top prospect in return. 

Chicago White Sox

OF Courtney Hawkins:

White Sox top prospect Courtney Hawkins still has some improvements to make before he plays at the big league level, but his power bat would be very useful on many teams in the years to come. Since the White Sox are likely trading away many of their players this year, in an attempt to start a rebuilding process, Hawkins is likely going to be traded. Trading him would allow the White Sox to get some major league ready talent that could help them begin to rebuild.

AL West

Oakland Athletics

OF Michael Choice:

With an abundant outfield, filled with players like Yoenes Cespedes, Coco Crisp, and Josh Reddick, they A's will have no "choice" but to trade their top outfield prospect Michael Choice. Since he's been playing so well in AAA, with 10 homeruns and .286 batting average, this only makes his trade value go up, which the A's should take advantage of. Any team that's in a rebuilding phase, like the Cubs, would love to have a guy like this in their minor league system, ready to come up to the big league level as early as this season, so expect several teams to offer some pretty good players in return for Choice.

Texas Rangers

SS Jurickson Profar:

Jurickson Profar is the number one prospect in baseball, but there's simply no spot for him in the Ranger's infield. Ron Washington had tried moving him to the outfield to get him extra playing time, but he's already a solid shortstop. Beltre, Andrus, and Kinsler are all signed to longterm mega deals, so Profar wouldn't even be able to move over to third or second. Rangers should take advantage of this opportunity and use him to get either an amazing outfielder like Giancarlo Stanton, or an amazing pitcher like Felix Hernandez, who are most likely going to choose to keep on to him. That is unless, the offer is too good to turn down.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

LHP C.J. Wilson:

The Angels have a team ERA of 4.32 this year, one of the worst in baseball, and it would be even higher if it wasn't for C.J. Wilson, who's signed through 2016. The Angels have a very small amount of pitching in their farm system, so they could use C.J. Wilson, along with maybe a top prospect like third baseman Kaleb Stewart to get several top of the line pitching prospects. 

Seattle Mariners

RHP Felix Hernandez:

Although it's extremely unlikely that the Mariners would trade King Felix, there's no question that they've thought about it year after year. He's by far the best player in their organization, and he's part of their plans for the future. However, if they truly want to rebuild their team, they should part ways with Hernandez. They have just a $73 million payroll, yet nearly a third of that is being payed to Felix Hernandez, who is due to earn a total of nearly $21 million this year. Trading him would allow the Mariners to secure at least two top prospects, along with a player or two who are already in the majors. If Hernandez was traded this season, it would be the biggest trade of the year for any team, in any division.

Houston Astros

RHP Bud Norris:

Bun Norris is only getting payed $3 million this year, but sadly, that makes him the highest payed player on the Astros. They only have a $21 million payroll, so although trading for Norris would be cheap for most teams, it would actually free up a lot of space on the Astros payroll. Also, with the trade market so slim this year, the Astros would be able to come up big when it comes to the prospects they would be getting in return. With such a low contract, I wouldn't be surprised if nearly every team was in the running for Norris this trade deadline. 

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